If you are a neurologist, advanced practice provider or allied health professional looking to stay current and improve your patient care, the Clinical Neurological Society of America is the place for you.


Established in 1974, the Clinical Neurological Society of America is a national organization of neurologists and other health care professionals practicing in clinical and academic settings. The primary purpose of CNSA is to improve clinical practice and patient care through education and thought leadership.

Clinical Proceedings

CNSA Clinical Proceedings are a series of informational resources intended to raise awareness and address unmet needs in neurologyAuthored by expert panelists, these white papers, webinars and surveys serve to advance the Society’s role in providing thought leadership highlighting the latest trends and topics in the field of neurology. 

CIDP Ambassador Program

CIDP Ambassador Program offers up to 24 neuromuscular fellows, comprehensive neurology fellows and comprehensive neurologists the opportunity to attend an interactive educational program on improving the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of CIDP.

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