Pseudobulbar Affect - Exploring the Prevalent Yet Overlooked Neurological Disorder

The 45-minute program includes:

  •  An overview of pseudobulbar affect

  • A review of the highlights and insights from CNSA’s Clinical Proceedings white paper about pseudobulbar affect

  • Discussion of opportunities to improve clinical care.

Expert presenters:

The webinar discussion was be led by two members of the expert panel who developed the white paper — Philip B. Gorelick, MD, MPH, chair of the expert panel, and Howard S. Kirshner, MD.

Philip B. Gorelick, MD, MPH – Chair

Howard Kirshner, MD

Moderated By:

  • Michelle Winokur, DrPH – Executive Director, CNSA

To read CNSA’s white paper “Pseudobulbar Affect: A Prevalent Yet Overlooked Disorder in Neurological Injury & Disease”, click here. To learn more about the Clinical Proceedings series, click here.